If you see a process called Hijackthis.exe you might be curious what it is and why it sounds so dangerous. Well, it belongs to the software Merijn Hijackthis and it is used for the monitoring of the plugins and configurations of browsers. This software makes sure that the browser is protected and it restores it to a healthy state if necessary. Even though the process isn’t essential, you should probably leave it activated unless you think it causes problems to your computer.


Hijackthis.exe is not a system process, so it comes from a program which you installed. If you have any issues with it, it might be because of system registry errors, which can be caused by fragmentation of the hard drive. Scanning the registry will give you an idea if that’s the case. This particular process is safe in most cases and it’s likely that it doesn’t harm your computer in any way.


Merijn Hijackthis is a software which was developed by Merijn and it works by looking at important areas of the hard drive and of the registry and listing the contents. The areas it looks at are the areas which are used by both hijackers and regular programmers, so it tries to find out which are legitimate and which ones are trying to take over your PC. Whenever you find things that don’t seem legitimate, you should use Hijackthis.exe to fix them instead of deleting them. Deletion can cause problems to your system, especially if you remove important files that are essential.


This program also gives you the option or removing malware from the PC once it finds it. If you know how to use it, you can remove programs and settings with the help of Hijackthis. If you don’t know what you’re doing, save the report and have someone that is an expert look at it to find the errors.