Download is the official site where you can download Hijackthis.exe. To download it, simply click on the download link, then save it wherever you want on your PC. After the Hijackthis.exe program is on your computer, open the zip file and extract the contents.

Once you extract the files and you start the program, you should order a scan of the system, to find out what items need to be removed from your computer. The items you don’t want you should remove, but don’t go overboard with the removal. Only remove programs that you’re sure that they aren’t needed by the computer for proper operations. If you’re not experienced enough to know which programs are important and which aren’t, use the web to find out details about each program and see which ones you can remove safely. As the scan is finished, you get the possibility to save a log of the scan, which you can send to a specialist for analysis or you can post online, in a forum, to get advice.


In some cases, programs that you removed with the help of HijackThis.exe will show up again at a later time. This happens because malicious programs are designed to appear again and re-install, so removing them is tougher. Taking out those items while in safe mode is your best bet in such a case. Once you’re in Windows Safe Mode, use Hijackthis.exe to take out the malware that you have installed on your computer and restart the PC to get back to regular Windows mode.


When you download hijackthis.exe, you should make sure that it is done from the official site, so the program is 100% secure and nobody had a chance to tamper with it. This program is one of your best options around if you want to secure your computer and remove any unwanted programs.