Free Programs

Antivirus software is something everyone should have installed on the computer. Many such programs, though, cost much and people are reluctant to pay great sums of money for a software they are not aware they use. Luckily, there are antivirus programs which can be downloaded from the Internet for free and which are also efficient.


The first function such software should have is the virus scanner, to prevent the computer getting infected with viruses. A simple program which scans for viruses can be used daily, so your computer is permanently protected. You need to have a single antivirus program doing the scanning, or it will cause conflict with other similar programs.


Avast Personal is among the most popular antivirus programs which can be found for free. It is updated for the latest viruses so your computer is safe against Trojan horses and Viruses. It is user friendly and can be applied for most operation systems.


The Free Edition of AVG Anti-Virus is also offers protection against the latest malware and viruses. Home users can downloaded it free of charge and many have it installed on their computers. It provides real time protection through the protection shield and it can be permanently updated, also free of charge. What is great about AVG is that it can scan the computer in the DOS mode by creating a rescue disk.


Avira AntiVir Personal is another reliable free antivirus software which keeps Trojans, Malware or backdoor programs away from your computer. It is also user friendly and free of charge. The monitoring is done in real time by the Virus Guard. The virus definitions can be permanently updated and to help the user with that, the software provides and updates scheduler. It also automatically scans the system for any potential viruses or other harmful programs.